International school students celebrate Mid-Autumn festival



In conjunction with the grand celebration of the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival in Johor Bahru, the Johor Bahru Hakka Association made special arrangements to share the joy of  the festival at the Austin International School.

Once the student are well exposed to the Mid-autumn lantern festival and other multiracial festivals, they will learn to understand and gradually accept  others festivals and cultures.

They will from a good relationship with people of other races amd cultures and this will improve the communication between the various cultures said Datuk Steve Chong, Deputy President of Johor Bahru Hakka Association.

Over 200 student from 15 foreign countries who are presently studying at Austin International school were invited to the school’s main hall to observe the classic Chinese choir performance.

Before that, the students carried  the lanterns around the compound of the school, tasting various moon-cakes  and learning about the legendary story of the moon fairy.

Student, Lee Soon Ming ( from Korea ), age 13, said that this was the first time that she was exposed to the Chinese culture, She found it very interesting and wants to share  her experience through social media to all of the friend.

Marcos, student from the United Kingdom, age 9,  mentioned that this was  a wonderful experience for him and the festival was well organized. He said that he was happy to learn new things. He has been study in Johor for 3 years , but this is first time he is learning about the Chinese culture.

President of Johor Bahru Tiong-Hua Associaton, Mr. Lim Ik Kim mentioned “celebration of festivals is the best time for the family member to get together and this will improve the relationship with each other.”

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