KL Tower to turn into base jumpers’ paradise

More than 100 skydivers around the world will gather on top of the 335 meter-tall KL Tower from Sept 28 to Oct 2 for the annual international jumpers’ festival.

The event, which enters its 11th year with the “many aspire, very few do” tagline, will see a spectacle on Oct 2 where 50 jumpers jointing-hands to make carousel-style of jump around KL tower to mark the 15 anniversary since the opening of the tower.

They will also make their usual rounds of day and night jumping, while KL Tower has this year installed an open deck for the public to watch the jumps at a rate of RM100 per 15 minutes.

Limited landing areas in KL Tower

Also taking part in the festival is 57-year-old Jamaludin Ismail, a retired soldier who has developed a deep liking for the sport.

“There is a sense of satisfaction invoked every time I jump,” said the robust man who preferred to be called Pak Din.

He aimed to jump as many times as possible in this upcoming event and “overcome everything that comes in between”.

Pak Din said limited landing areas are among the challenges one faces when jumping from the world seventh tallest tower.

“If we jump from a helicopter, we can choose where to land, but we can’t if we do it from a fixed object,” he said.

He said compared to day jump, night jump requires a skydiver to be more focus and alert.

Revolving restaurant to reopen  

Meanwhile, KL Tower chief executive officer Zuraidah Mohd Said said the event is expected to generate 8000 visitors for the tower during weekend.

“We are anticipating more viewers as a Johor culture festival and a Malaysia Army exhibition will be held at the same time,”

“The revolving restaurant, which currently undergoing renovations, will also be ready by Sept 28,” she added.

The KL International Jump 2011 only allows seasoned jumpers with at least 100-jumps record to participate. Registration fees is RM1000 per person.