Petaling Jaya folks disgruntled over road conditions

Citizen Journalists Malaysia (CJMY) recorded the complaints of Nathan, a disabled person and resident of Petaling Jaya who highlights the condition of public amenities in Petaling Jaya.

In this case, he brings to light the dangers and risks that are waiting to happen with the existing rock landscape that was created underneath flyover and busy highways in Petaling Jaya.

Residents of Petaling Jaya question MBPJ for the rationale behind creating rock landscapes on busy road dividers, highways and underneath flyovers and wish to expose poor supervision by MBPJ on civil road works where cement leftover, aggregates and sand are dumped at the side of the roads once civil road diggings or other works has been completed by contractors.

Unhappy with road works

CJMY continued to visit places surrounding SS21 area where potholes, littered with cement, sand, aggregates, after road works and collapsing road edge were documented.

Nathan later showed CJMY another unattended stretch of road edge along Jalan 21/34 that has collapsed two years ago.

This was confirmed by a shop owner and a resident nearby who shared the concern that the road edge can collapse anytime and questioned who will be held responsible if car parked nearby are hit by it.

No action or signboard to alert people of the dangers was put up by MBPJ after the road collapsed two years go.