15th arson attack in Taman Kampar Perdana


Student residents in Taman Kampar Perdana seem to be running for their lives as the consecutive arson attacks haunt their residential area. Once again, it happened in an vacant terrace house opposite a playground.

Despite the presence of police force and voluntary patrol unit in the vicinity of Taman Kampar Perdana daily, the arsonist still managed to strike some of the houses.

On a darker side, 15 cases of arson had been reported in Lakeside, Kampar, so far since the first attack.

According to a student who does not wish to be named, he stated that he saw the incident happened around 6.30pm when he was cycling on his way to have dinner.

Later on, he found out there was thick smoke coming from the vicinity of the terrace house.

“Without thinking so much, I quickly ran to the nearby houses and shouted for their attention”.

“After that, around 5 people came out and quickly ran into the house to remove the wood and metal from the fire”.

“In a split of second, we managed to contact the RELA members to come the scene immediately,” said the student after the incident.

He also added that by around 7pm the RELA members arrived to the scene and was able to control the fire.

When Komunitikini arrived on the scene, it found that the fire had already been extinguished and that wooden and metal materials were used in order to fuel the fire inside the empty house.