Arson attacks in Taman Kampar Perdana ‘soar’

The arsonist has struck again at Eastlake, Kampar, and this is the second incident in matter of two days. This time it happened in an empty flat unit behind Taman Kampar Perdana.

Despite the high alert and daily patrolling from the police and RELA members, the arsonist still managed to flee the student’s residential area.

When Komunitikini reached the scene, most of the flat dwellers had evacuated the building.

A  resident who declined being identified said that the attack began around 6 pm on the fourth floor which is the highest floor at the flat. The unit is believed to be unoccupied.

According from one of the residents who wished to be known only as Khoo, who works as a hawker in a nearby area, stated that the flats behind the Taman Kampar Perdana was in danger as the unit was low in density.

“When I heard the sirens came from the main road, I already feel something bad will happen.”

 “Luckily the unit on the fourth-floor was vacant, “said Khoo after the incidence.

 One of the undergraduate who declined to be named stays nearby the area. The student mentioned that this attack had caused an uproar amongst students as most of them are preparing for their exams.

“I really do hope that this attacks will came to an end soon”.

“With the final exam approaching, somehow it will badly affect our preparation for exam,” said the undergraduate.

Other residents also pleaded with the police force to nab the culprit as soon as possible before it escalates to the point where it costs human lives.

When Komunitikini visited the scene, it found that the door to the unoccupied flat was grilled open before the arsonist torched the room which left minor damages.

 After various cases of arson attack reoccuring in the vacinity of Eastlake, Kampar, the culprits are yet to be identified.

In view of the on-going arson attacks, the police and RELA  had issued a warning that this incident is escalating to an alarming stage and warned students to make sure that they ensure their homes are carefully bolted before leaving their houses.