Kampar’s Eastlake arsonist strikes back

The much-feared Eastlake arsonist struck early this morning by torching a bicycle nearby a student residential house.

Despite heightened security with police patrolling the area for the past week, the arsonist managed to strike and evoke fear once more.

According Barisan Nasional coordinator for Keranji, Chang Gwo Chyang, the culprit might be off not sound mind or even worst, trying to pose a challenge the police.

He also said that a more in-depth discussion would take place to discuss the security situation in Eastlake.

Kampar’s Paramilitary Civil Volunteer Corp (RELA) leader, Ng Kin Meng (left) said that the arsonist could be someone from the nearby areas as he or she has only been attacking Eastlake area.

The fire was believed to have happened at around 4 am, during the heavy rain and the neighbouring students immediately contacted the RELA personnel.

“On that time, when I reached here the fire had been put off,” said Ng.

As of last week, the arsonist had struck various locations in Eastlake more than six times and the police are out of wits to put and end to this menace.

However, the police, RELA and volunteer patrollers made of residents and students have stepped up the security one more notch by setting up inspection barricades all over the area and patrolling the streets late into the night.