Jones’ fruit shop hails Malaysian workers

In an interview with Citizen Journalists Malaysia (CJMY) at her fruit shop, Jones Eletheria, 69,  said that she welcomes Malaysian workers because they are good workers and nice people.

Jones’ well-known orchard and fruit shop is located in Central Otago, on the highway from Cromwell to Queenstown.

The orchard runs an orchard tour and you can pick fruit when in season.

There is large selection of fresh and dry fruits available all year round from the roadside stall.

Fruits, dried fruit, honey, fruit products and ornamental pine-cones are aplenty.

CJMY spoke to Vivian Yee, 24, a Malaysian from Kuala Lumpur who is here for 9 months work at Mrs Jones’ fruit shop.

En route to the well-known fruit shop.
Vivian Yee, 24, Malaysian working at the fruit shop.
Array of fresh succulent fruits.
A variety of fresh and dried fruits on display in an imaginative set-up.
Made it to the news.
The many business cards left by visitors.
Neat rows of packed dried fruits and nuts.
Special deals on sunny days.
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