Tavia Yeung Yi is Sorella’s ‘B-Lifted’ brand ambassador

Official celebrity endorsement: (L-R) Sorella creative director Penny Chia, finance director Jenny Lau, Sorella brand ambassador Tavia Yeung Yi, executive director Justin Sim, brand manager Catherine Chow and sales/marketing manager Aaryn Kit at the unveiling ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.


Sorella, an international  lingerie brand, appointed Hong Kong actress Tavia Yeung Yi as the brand ambassador for its latest Sorella B-Lifted lingerie line for the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection.

Models modeling Sorella B-Lifted lingerie collection that is well designed with the key needs of its customers in mind.

The unveiling ceremony was recently held at the ground floor concourse area of Fahrenheit 88 shopping mall in Kuala Lumpour. It was jam-packed with throngs of fans hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite star who starred in the  popular Hong Kong television drama series as “A Fistful of Stances”, “The Mysteries of Love” and “Moonlight Resonance”.

Tavia Yeung Yi’s popularity with mostly teenage fans here proved to be tremendous with many of them standing in the front row holding placards with her name to show her thier support.

With Tavia as the face of the B-Lifted lingerie line, the brand hopes to increase brand value and visibility among the younger age group.

A dazzling and stunning Tavia Yeung takes the catwalk.

“Tavia is an internationally famous actress best known for portraying in her highly acclaimed TVB shows as a modern, confident and beautiful woman and she was the perfect choice for our latest Sorella B-Lifted range,“ said Sorella’s executive director Justin Sim.

“This partnership is a significant milestone Sorella’s for us as we hope that through Tavia we are able to carve a message to the world that Sorella is the top choice for women who wants a premium lingerie brand that exudes elegance, style, beauty and confidence.”

Tavia said: “The modern woman needs to juggle her multiple roles as a mother, wife, daughter or breadwinner and so in order to be at the top of her game, it is important for her to exude with an image of confidence and beauty.

“I am happy to work with Sorella being one of the lingerie industry market leaders empowering women for more than 30 years by developing innovative products to enhance their self-esteem and beauty.”

In conjunction with the endorsement ceremony, a Sorella fashion show kicked-off the event with models cat-walking the runway showing-off Sorella’s latest stylish B-Lifted lingerie line of delicate innerwear for the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection.

The B-Lifted range is featured with amazing swarovski crystals embedded on the front of the bra and on the shoulder straps of the bust enhancer for the ultimate in elegant and chic style.

Birthday girl Tavia Yeung Yi cuts a cake in the shape of a Sorella B-Lifted bra.

A stunning Tavia also took the catwalk in a dress but she did not reveal any of the Sorella B-Lifted she was wearing.

A birthday cake in the shape of a Sorella B-Lifted brassiere was also presented to Tavia for her 32nd birthday celebration which was on August 30.

Results have been very encouraging for the B-Lifted lingerie line sales.

“Sorella’s B-Lifted range has been a tremendous success for us as sales has been very good since our launch in mid-July. We have run out of stock, you can’t get any size now, only broken sizes and we are now rushing for new production,” said brand manager Catherine Chow.

“We have actually plan to launch the B-Lifted range on the first of August but since the stocks have arrived in July and because we think it’s the Hari Raya festive season so we decided to sell early. The high sales were unexpected but we are very happy.”

Fans of Tavia Yeung Yi holding placards with her name to show their support for her.

Sorella first started in 1977 in Singapore as a joint venture with a Taiwanese counterpart. As business grew, Sorella set up an independent company in Singapore and began international distribution to countries in the region, including Malaysia.

Sorella Malaysia began its operation in 1982 and today with more than 30 years in the lingerie industry, it has carved itself out as a provider of premium lingerie that exudes the beauty and confidence of a woman.