Petpositive: SPCA should apologise over “Petknode psychiatric treatment” remark

By Anthony Thanasayan, founder of Petpositive

Petpositive would like to remind SPCA that the Petknode incident in which 16 animals died and hundreds more almost did, is purely an animal issue. We urge them not to blame the issue on the disabled.

In a statement released by SPCA on Wednesday, SPCA recommended the pet shop operators to undergo psychiatric treatment. We want to say it is unfair to jump the gun and assume that the operators are psychopathic. A person with mental illness is considered as disabled. In fact, psychopathic persons tend to harm themselves rather than anybody else.

Petknode operators, in this case, are not mentally ill because if they were, they would have difficulty finding jobs. What does mental illness got to do with businessmen who have been running their shop for so long?

What we are worry is that, anytime there is an animal cruelty case, someone will kick it to the disabled. We urge SPCA not to create a dismiss as the psychiatric statement is purely a prejudice statement.

No doubt the Petknode operators should suffer the full brunt of the law punishments, but SPCA should apologise for making such an inaccurate statement.