Kampar Eastlake houses hit with series of arson attack

Residents and students in Taman Kampar Perdana (Eastlake) are having sleepless night following the recent arson attack, which damaged student’s houses recenty.

According to the students, there have been around 12 cases reported so far, which happened in a matter of few weeks. Most of the students are studying in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Komunitikini also learnt that most of the attack had damaged the houses quite badly and some of the student even had to take turn to keep watch through out the night.

“No matter what happen, the main culprit behind all this moves must be nabbed, as soon as possible” said a resident, who only gave his first name as Kong.

UTAR student, who wished only to be known as Lim, stated that the area had become like a abandoned housing area following the arson attacks.

“Previously we can chit-chatting around, bbq and loitering around the streets, but now everything had changed after the attack,” said Lim.

In the wake of the attacks, some students had even opted to shift to Westlake fearing their safety.

Another student from UTAR, who only wished to be known as Mei Ling said that she felt traumatized to continue to live in Eastlake with the frequent occurrence of the attacks.

“I wish that I could move out if the arson attack still continues non-stop,” said Mei Ling when contacted by Komunitikini.

Following the attacks, the police and security guards have beefed up the security in Eastlake, with more of them patrolling the area until late at night.

Meanwhile, Kampar MP Datuk Seri Datuk Lee Chee Leong had lauded the move by the authorities and follows it up with the set up of Rukun Tetangga squad.