Attempt to build world’s longest snake

Legoland Malaysia plans to use one million Lego bricks in an attempt to build the world’s longest snake from 9th to 17th February in conjunction with the park’s Chinese New Year celebration.

The body of the snake would have over 3,000 individual sections and each section consists of 276 Lego bricks.

Once built, it will be more than 300 meters long.

Legoland visitors are given the opportunity to play a part in this world record attempt.

Each section will take approximately 30 minutes to build, and the new sections will be added to the snake’s body every day.

A certificate of excellence is given to the visitor who completes a section.

50 hours to build snake head.
The proud owners of the certificate of excellence in building a section of the snake body using 276 lego bricks.
Sallehuddin, a Legoland Malaysia staff holding a section of the snake body.
Play your part and build the world's longest snake.
Sections of the snake body build up by using two different sized bricks in 12 colours.
Waiting to be joined.
Park visitors engrossed in building the body sections of the snake.
A Lego man in the midst of the winding snake body.
Builders from all walks of life.
Full house, visitors have to wait for their turn to help build the snake.
Mission accomplished.
Multi-colored snake body.
Snake builders at work.
More snake body sections.
Welcoming the Lunar Snake year.
Gong Xi Fa Cai.
The crowd waiting in line to take a picture with the snake.