Day Care centre for Kluang senior citizens

The Senior Citizens day care centre, situated at Jalan Haji Manan, Kluang has 632 members since its launch in 2004.

One of two such NGOs in the state of Johor under the charge of Majlis Pusat Kebajikan Semenanjung Malaysia takes care of Johor’s elderly.

According to the  day care administrator Jaafar Abu Bakar, some of  the activities held on a daily basis include Tai Chi, Ping Pong, carom, gardening, Karaoke, sewing and cooking classes.

Once a month, a free health screening is held for the members.

The yearly grant of RM33,000 barely covers the expenses of the centre including the salaries of 4 full-time staff.

The daily turnout of the members is about 50-100 and 2 teabreaks (morning and afternoon) are provided for them. They do not live here but only drop in to pass time.

Koo Teng Hong, 78, is a member and his favorite activity is the ping pong session.

Every day from Monday to Friday, he rides his bicycle to the centre which takes him about 30 minutes to reach.

For more information on the centre email: [email protected]

The spacious centre in Kluang.
Senior citizens - still loved
Jaafar Abu Bakar, 62, the centre's administrator.
Haji Kamaruddin Ibrahim, 63, from the 'Unit Penyayang Warga Emas'.
Chinese New Year greeting.
Two of the three ping pong tables available in the centre.
Karaoke is a hit amongst the seniors.
Well equipped gym equipments.
The seniors encouraged to stay fit and healthy.
Spacious space for relaxation.
A comfortable lounge for interaction.
Clean toilet facilities.
Where they gather to wine and dine.
Kitchen for preparation of breakfast and tea for the seniors who are present.
Weekly schedule.
On-going programs for members.
Van for use to ferry seniors to clinics/hospital for treatment.
Koo Teng Hong, 78, a member for 3 years.
Contacts to the centre and free wifi.