Sabah DAP wants nationwide 1Malaysia chain store plans to be reconsidered

By Junz Wong, DAP Sabah state assistant secretary

DAP Sabah calls for the Federal Government to reconsider its decision to have a nationwide 1Malaysia chain store.

Junz Wong, DAP Sabah state assistant secretary, expressed some concern over the project.

First, he was shocked to find out that 1Malaysia stores can offer retail prices 40% cheaper than normal stores.

The government owes the business community an explanation on how these 1Malaysia stores afford to make such offers with incredibly low prices, he added.

Junz said he is not convinced that the source of supply has given 1Malaysia stores such an advantage.

Would it be from the public fund in the form of subsidies that has given 1Malaysia stores this competitive edge, he asked?

If that was the case, the1Malaysia store is basically to “destroy” others and allowing a favored few to fourish using the rakyat’s money.

Junz Wong who is also KK parliament Youth Chief said that the government is supposed to protect and safeguard the interests of the people including the private business sector.

With its hand in the 1Malaysia stores the government has directly involved itself as a player in the market.

The Federal Government (1Malaysia stores) will compete with the private sector and this is not healthy for the economy.

Eventually, with the political advantages, 1Malaysia stores will monopolize the market causing imbalances in the economy and many of the big chain stores and smaller players to close down.

Junz Wong urged the Federal Government to come clean with the 1Malaysia stores, which will not help the people and Malaysian economy in the long run, Junz concluded.