Keat Hwa school celebrates 100 years


Alor Star’s Keat Hwa secondary school, one of the oldest schools in the country, held a centenary celebration for 3 days starting 28th July 2011 at the school compound.

The three day event which was filled with exhibitions, performances such as a Chinese orchestra, Wushu martial art exhibition, cheer leading, street dance, concerts, and night market, added the colour to the spirited celebration.

A centenary celebration committee had been setup under the Keat Hwa Alumni Organization to organize this anniversary, with a series of events, which will be organized throughout the year.

The opening ceremony of the centenary celebration kicked off with more than 1000 students from different clubs and societies, Board of Directors from the 6 schools under Keat Hwa and also the alumnus of Keat Hwa, marching together, in a 5 kilometre parade from Keat Hwa primary school to Keat Hwa secondary school.

The centenary celebration was later inducted into the the Malaysia Book of Records when a la Olympic flame tower was designed and built for the opening ceremony with more than a million stay-on tabs from soft drink cans, weighing more than 1100 kg.

The peak of the event was the performance of more than 100 students from 6 Keat Hwa schools depicting 100 years of Keat Hwa history through drama and dance during the grand dinner, which was held at the Dewan Wawasan, and attended by more than 2500 Keat Hwa alumnus from all over the world.


Keat Hwa’s three day celebration successfully attracted more than 35,000 students and alumnus from all over the world, which marked a milestone for Keat Hwa’s 100 year history and the success of the Chinese community in protecting Chinese education, mother tongue language and culture.

The celebration also saw the set up of an education fund to be used by Keat Hwa schools in the coming years.

Currently, Keat Hwa consists of 6 schools; three primary schools: Keat Hwa (H), Keat Hwa (K) and Keat Hwa (S), two secondary schools: Keat Hwa 1 and Keat Hwa 2, and one private secondary school,  Keat Hwa (P).

In 2011, Keat Hwa Secondary School was awarded cluster school status by Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) or the Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.

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