Limkokwing University host breaking fast feast for media

Playing host: Limkokwing University founder and president Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing shaking hands with members of the media when he welcome them to the Majlis Berbuka Puasa at Kuala Lumpur Hilton on Friday 26th August 2011.

The Limkokwing University of Creative Technology hosted a Majlis Berbuka Puasa or breaking of fast for the media to appreciate media co-operation and exposure it has given to the University recently at the ballroom of Kuala Lumpur Hilton.

Some 80 media representatives from the print media, online portals, radio and television and bloggers along with student ambassadors of the university were present.

Guest of honour was Limkokwing University founder and president Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing. Others present included Malaysian journalist extraordinaire Kee Hua Chee and professional model and actor Wilson Tan.

Mynn Lee (right) of RedFM radio station looks ecstatic as she received her lucky hamper

“Ramadan is always a nice occasion to bring people together and there were a lot of new things which happened this year and we wanted to keep in touch with as many people as possible,” said Tiffanee Marie Lim, Limkokwing’s associate vice president for creativity and innovation.

“It’s nice to see everybody together, you hardly ever do this, every time its always working and it’s a totally different environment so now its just relaxing and having dinner  together and getting to spend some time and get to know each other and not work, and just say thank you for being our friends and supporting us for so long.

“There’s a lot of stories and there’s a lot of news that we can develop and there’s a lot of interesting things that we can do together but the best thing is that we have great friendship with the media and there are very very kind to us so we should say thank you,” added Tiffanee Marie Lim.

The guests were entertained with songs by budding student singers from the university’s Sound and Music Design Academy.

Rocio Mabel Rivera Madrid, 25, from Honduras, who is pursuing her International Tourism Management Master program in Westcoast University of Applied Sciences in Heide, Germany was amongst Limkokwing student ambassadors who sat together and celebrated the breaking of the fast with members of the media.

Limkokwing University student ambassadors Mohamad Senjab (left) and Rocio Mabel Rivera Madrid said the breaking of fast a la Malaysia was an interesting experience for them

“It’s a very interesting experience for me because it’s so different from my country and culture. It nice to eat something good together and the breaking-of-th- fast allows me to better understand the culture of Muslims in the country.

“My study in Malaysia for six months at Limkokwing is through an exchange programme with my university in Heide and already this is my third week here that I must say I am fortunate to be able to observe the culture here and a good experience seeing my Muslim friends fasting and breaking fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

“I love the variety of food here especially the spicy ones. The tropical fruits here are similar in my country like the pineapples and watermelons.

“I have also travelled with my friends to Kuala Terengganu and Redang Island. The beach is so beautiful and the people especially in Kota Bharu, we went to the market and there were very very nice with us.

On her future plan, she said: “My first step is maybe to start work in the hotel industry as my bachelor degree is majored in hotel industry. I would love to work in Europe in the airport or airline industry but it’s difficult to get in because you need to be there for many years. In Europe it’s hard because in every country you need to speak the language and I am fluent in German so I would try to work in Germany.”

Another student ambassador Mohamad Senjab, 24, a Muslim from Syria, who is in the final semester of Creative Multimedia course said he still misses home for the breaking of fast but found the Ramadan experience here a unique experience.

“The first year was really difficult for me but now it’s fine. I was alone then and it was difficult for me because the culture is different, the food is different but the thing is that the people here, everyone sits together, there is understanding and mutual respect for each other enjoying the great dinner together.”

On his future plan, Mohamad, who hope to be a creative director or a film director one day said: “I may continue doing my Master in Lingkokwing or start work and save enough money first. I know my parents are supporting me but it’s time to save money and if there are opportunities, I may work here in Malaysia.”