Carven Academy of Fashion students steal limelight at 1Malaysia fashion show

Fashion designer Carven Ong (middle row, 7th from right) posing with his students and models at the 1Malaysia fashion show.


The Carven Academy of Fashion (CAF) students certainly stole the limelight at the 1Malaysia Fashion Show showcasing 18 pieces of ethnic multi-cultural wears created entirely by them and which received thumping approval from the audience for their  amazing creation.

The event held in conjunction with the coming Aidilfitri festive season and Merdeka celebrations at the concourse of Sungei Wang Plaza shopping complex on Thursday recently saw models parade on stage clad in a variety of avant-garde costumes of the various races in Malaysia, including indigenous groups from Sabah and Sarawak with interesting traditional headgear and accessories. These outfits are specially made using batik, songket, embroidery, beading and sequins to portray Malaysian art and fabric.

A model flaunts unique 1Malaysia creation by a Carven Academy of Fashion student.

Among the 1Malaysia outfits showcased were cheongsams with golden flowery headgear, sarees with ribbons and colourful patterned cloth, and batik dyed motif with embroidery sewing on songket fabric.

“The government is fervently promoting the 1Malaysia campaign to create a multi-racial Malaysia in which each ethnic group could accept one another without prejudices and make our nation a better place for everyone. “As the public we try to help promote the unity of 1Malaysia concept for all citizens of the country so even though we are in the fashion line we can do something what we called 1Malaysia fashion, so it’s a good opportunity and quite interesting,” said CAF principal and founder Carven Ong.

“The outfits are multi-cultural including costumes of the indigenous groups from Sabah and Sarawak which are combined with Malay, Chinese, Indian and Orang Asli motifs from top to toe.

“It’s quite creative for the students. They can play with the creations by mixing and matching different cultural themes all round.”

“It’s a new idea for the students as they have never done this before. It is their first time and created this in the spirit of fun, a showcase of multiculturalism, a celebration not a competition, so I hope everyone can experience the joy.”

One of the students Jojo Chin, 20, from Seremban, who is studying for her fashion design course and plan to open her own boutique one day said it took her two weeks to create her masterpiece, from fashion conception, including sourcing for materials and sewing to clothing production.

A model wearing 1Malaysia design with interesting traditional headgear and accessories.

“It was hectic. There was hardly anytime for us to rest as we had to do everything ourselves including sourcing for materials and sewing to get the pieces out in time for the show but it was worth the while as we were truly excited to see the models walk the runway in our creation,” said Jojo.

Carven, 43, a graduate in fashion design and cutting at the Japan New Soen also took the opportunity to showcase six colourful evening wear designed by himself.

The hair and make up are done for models sponsored by Hair Zone Academy and Face Image Beauty & Make-up respectively.