Tsukahira: For God’s sake, standup for Sabah’s goodness!

Sabahans are called to claim their inheritance land of Sabah in which they were born in or settled, including those who migrated overseas when the going gets tough said renowned speaker and author, Peter Tsukahira.

Tsukahira, who wrote My Father’s Business and God’s Tsunami, spoke to his fans in a leading hotel in Kota Kinabalu recently.

Citing Psalms 24:1: “’The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains the world, and those who dwell in it. Thus, the creation of wealth is, inessence, the extraction of God’s blessings that lie latent in His creation.”

“The only thing that you can truly own in this life is the inheritance that God has given to you,” Peter Tsukahira said.

“Sabah is such a blessed land and God has put you here by birth or work, so you have to steward it responsibly.”

He claimed to have met Sabahans settled in other parts of the world like a good number in Perth, Australia.

Peter Tsukahira should know as he travels extensively all over the world as a businessman and a preacher.

According to him, business exists to provide value (good, not bad products and services) to society.

Peter calls on Sabahans to make an impact for good in this world instead of allowing negative elements to dominate.

Peter Tsukahira and his wife, Rita, settled down with their two children in West Asia, the ancestral land of his wife. He loathes the British colonial term, Middle East, as the half way mark between Great Britain and the Far East.

Peter’s business experience includes international marketing and sales for American, Japanese and West Asian companies in the telecommunications industry.

On mixing business and friendship, Peter Tsukahira enthuses: “I have been asked if it makes sense to try to work with friends.  In my experience, good friendships sometimes develop as a result of good business, but rarely does the reverse happen.

“In fact, trying to do business simply on the basis of friendship can be one way to destroy or badly damaged long-standing and valuable relationships.

“Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but a profitable business is a result of providing consistent value to customers through legitimate and ethical means.

“Trust between those doing business in the context of biblical morality, international law and accepted business practices is a practical requirement.

“If you are called by God into business, you have been called to compete in the marketplace fairly, with courage and endurance. Friendship is a great benefit, but not a necessary factor.

Those were sobering ethical work ethics and business wisdom for our times useful for Sabah and for Malaysia and the globalized world.