Buyers of condominium dissatisfied over small car park lots

Some angry buyers of a newly completed Alam Damai condominium complex
nearby Sunny Garden in Kota Kinabalu complained and vented their
frustrations at being allocated undersized parking lots for their

They complained of difficulty in parking and opening their car doors properly.

They wanted SHAREDA President Datuk Susan Wong to liaise with the Ministry
of Local Government and Housing to increase the minimum parking lot size
to eight feet wide for condos and apartments so that architects would not
be confused and make mistakes.

The figure 8 is easier for architects to remember as it is an auspicious
number, they claimed.

The ministry’s guideline stipulated that the minimum size for a car park
lot is 7 feet 6 inches. Some complained that they were allotted car park
lot of only 7 feet 3 inches wide at the entry.

The narrow space will likely to lead to misunderstanding as some would
find it difficult to park properly and any forceful opening of vehicle
doors may dent the neighbouring car or cause scratches which damage paint-work.

Some wanted SHAREDA to verify the alleged mistake of the architect with
PAM and the developer which are a members of SHAREDA as soon as they can.

Some expressed disbelief that the audit process for the OC failed to note
the deficiency.

Most condominiums provide one allocated parking space for purchasers when
some families have two vehicles or more.

It is imperative that potential purchasers pay attention to the parking
issue before committing themselves to any condominium projects including
the size and location  of their designated car park based on the