DBP urged to standardize language usage on bill boards

Photo from Big Tree

The Johor Advertisement Board Merchant Association ( Persatuan Pengiklanan Negeri Johor ) had urged the DBP ( Dewan Bahasa Pustaka ) to standardise the verification wordings in use for the Advertisement Board in their application.

The Chairman Mr. Tey Hua Mong, in the recent new board of director 2011/2012 installation ceremony had urge the DBP and local authority council  to work closely to provide convenience in the application for the business advertisement boards for customers.

Clear and standard guidelines of wordings should be provided to avoid double standards and confusion in their repeat application.

The member of the association are most willing to cooperate with DBP and authority to solve this common problem. The association respect the  DBP in promoting national language, but there should be some leniency so that the other native languages and English can also play the role in attracting customers and visitors in Malaysia.

Common words accepted worldwide should be allowed to avoid confusion. Terms like E-mail, website and fax  should be allowed to be used to enhance international business communication and not have it strictly controlled to e-mal, telefon and laman web which can create confusion for the customers.

Earlier on, the association had arranged meeting with council member of Johor Bahru Town Council and DBP Southern Region Branch officer, but to date no feasible action had been taken.

State assembly man of Pengkalan Rinting, Johor, YB Chia Song Cheng did mention that more room of creativity and common language should be allowed to build a more friendly business environment to market Malaysian products. It is highly beneficial for people to understand the advertisement board that what the business is all about, rather than guessing at its content.