US student in Malaysia goes missing

Jacob Boehm, a Stanford student, is currently missing in Malaysia.  His parents have filed a missing persons case with the US and German embassies in Malaysia, but so far have had no luck.

If you have any contacts in Malaysia or know someone who might, please pass along the attached flyer or contact Jacob’s parents at [email protected] and nlub[email protected] .  Below is a message from his parents.
Dear friends of Jacob,None of us have heard from Jacob in 6 days.  He had been contacting us by phone or email nearly every day since June.  His g-mail account has not been accessed during this time.

We are working with the US and German Embassies in Malaysia, and have escalated the case to a missing persons case.
We need your help.
Can social media be used to alert people who are traveling in Malaysia and may have seen Jacob or could be on the look out for him?
Do you have other ideas on how we might continue our search? I’ve attached a photo that could be posted or circulated.
With a painful heart,
Chapel Hill, North Carolina