Family sells food to muslims during puasa, villagers throw a fit

The villagers of Kampung Bukit Murai has had enough of a family here in the village who openly sells food to Muslims during the fasting month.

Despite the continuous reprimands, comments and advice from the villagers to stop the activity, it has apparently fallen on deaf ears.

The villagers observed that between noon to 2:30 pm daily, there are a string of people, believed to either be eating in the house or taking away the variety of food sold.

A villager who wants to be known only as Mat said “as if it is not bad enough, that they are selling food during lunch to Muslims, but they actually pack the remainder of the food to be sold at the Ramadan Bazaar”.

Villagers want the authorities, specifically Jabatan Agama Islam Kedah (JAIK), to take appropriate action, as they are tired of reprimanding the family, which they believe will eventually lead to a fight.

JAIK could not be reached for comments at the moment.