Photoblog: Penang 308 anniversary celebration

When Penang celebrates, it really celebrates. On occasion of Pakatan Rakyat’s five years of rule in Penang, the Penang state government organised a grand ‘308 anniversary’ celebration at the Esplanade on 8 March 2013.

The celebration was in three-fold. First up, at 5.30 pm, was the International Women’s Day celebration.

This was then followed by the ‘Jelajah Festival Filem‘ roadshow at 7.00pm.

Finally, the highlight of the evening – a ceramah with leaders from Pakatan Rakyat like Penang CM Lim Guan Eng and his two deputies, Mansor Othman and P Ramasamy,  PAS state commissioner Salleh Man and opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

There  were  more than 20 booths from various government agencies such as Penang State Tourism, Halal Penang,  JKR, MPPP , Penang Women Development Corp and many more; showcasing the activities and achievements of each department and agencies for the past 5 years.

Behind the stage, the 3 political parties, DAP, PKR and PAS had set up a booth each.

People started streaming in at 5.00pm and by 9.00pm, when the ceramah was about to begin, the field was 3/4 full and it is estimate there were 20,000 people were present.

Next to the field, on the road, in front of the well-lighted City Council building, there were several stalls selling food.

Entertainment were provided with dances and songs by local performers.

There was also a ‘Best Char Koay Teow’ competition with hotels and hawkers stalls competing and Eastin Hotel came up top.

Penang picked ‘Wanita Pulau Pinang Bangkit’ (Penang Women Rising) as the theme for International Women’s Day (IWD).

Many women’s organisation were seen participating.

The ‘Jelajah Filem Festival’ see popular Malaysian artists such as Fauzi Nawawi, Normah Damanhuri (winners of the recent 25th Festival Filem Malaysia), Sheera Iskandar, Yus Raja Lawak, Tokey Jambu, Zulkifli M. Osman, making appearances.

Before the ceramah began, the crowd were entertained by singer songwriter Yassin Brothers.

IWD: 'Penang Women Rising' the theme that Penang picked seen here on the front of the government sponsored t-shirt. The Bahasa theme appears at the back of the shirt.. Seen here are some women from YWCA.


IWD: 'Billion Rising' dance by Women's Centre for Change and World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, to open the event.


IWD: Penang CM, Lim Guan Eng, delivering his speech
IWD: Lim Guan Eng launching the 'Dasar dan Pelan Tindakan Jagaan Kanak-Kanak'.
IWD: Line dancing, on the field in front of the stage by Penang Family Health Development Association. Others are also welcome to join in.
IWD: The beautiful Indian traditional dance, known as 'Odissi' by Temple of Fine Arts.


Jelajah Filem Festival's two host
Jelajah Filem Festival: All the artistes coming out for a group photo.


Visitors thronged The Youth and Sports stall.


JKR stall.


The PDC and Housing Dept. stall was the most busy as many people were seen to queue up to get forms for low-cost housing application.
Some chairs are provided for tired feet.


Behind the stage are 3 stalls for DAP, PKR and PAS.


Food stalls with table and chairs provided on the street beside the field.


The 3 winners for the best char koay teow.


The huge crowd when the ceramah started.