Police seize firearms in Perlis

Police uncovered a mini arsenal following the arrest of two brothers in Taman Perlis here yesterday.

After detaining the two siblings, aged 35 and 45, at about 12 noon, police found firearms and other weapons at several locations in the housing estate, Perlis Police chief SAC Zull Aznam Haron, said today.

He told reporters that police found two .38 revolvers, a Barreta automatic pistol, a Glock automatic pistol and a shotgun.

They discovered more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition, including over 400 shotgun cartridges, and explosives. Seven sharp bladed weapons were seized, including a samurai sword and two Rambo knives, he said.

Zull Aznam said police also seize the Mercedes Benz and Hyundai belonging to the businessmen brothers, who had been under surveillance before their arrest.

Zull Aznam said theĀ  Crime Investigation Department of the Perlis police raided several spots in the housing estate jointly with the Task Force on Firearms Eradication and Smuggling.

He said the firearms could have been smuggled in from a neighbouring country, and the reason for that was being investigated.

– Bernama