Playing truant with stolen bikes

Three secondary school students were picked up yesterday by the authorities at about 11 am after they were caught playing truant.

The three  were caught when they went for a dip at a recreational spot in Lata Bayu Asam Jawa.

Chief Inspector Mohd Basirul Hapi Ibrahim, head of the ‘Bahagian Ketenteraman Awam dan Trafik Daerah Baling‘ said the students, aged between 14 and 15 years old, were on their way home to Kampung Charok Beras, Kuala Ketil, ‘after school’ when they were stopped at Jalan Parit Panjang-Kuala Ketil, by traffic police who were making thier rounds.

All three were in their school uniforms and were without helmets. The motorbikes they were riding, a Honda EX-5 and a Honda Kriss were modified without rear mirrors and road tax.

Basirul said, “After checking with the computer system, we found that these bikes are reported stolen”.

The students and the bikes are being retained for further investigation.

Basirul also said that they have contacted the school so the schools can contact the theri parents.