Nepali returns home after severe bullying


“I work as a security guard.

“About 2 months ago, I was on night duty.

“At about 11 pm, two unknown person came to company.

“I came out of the cabin to ask for their identity and then suddenly one person grabbed my neck and pushed me to cabin.

“I threw him to ground. I could not speak Malaya language so well.

“He spoke in Tamil which I didn’t understand as well.

“After that, suddenly that man took out a cleaver and tried to hit me.

“I grabbed the cleaver before he could hit me and then they sped off in their motorcycle.”

This is a story of Jogiram Chaudhary from Kailali, Nepal.

The next day, he informed his company of the incident.

He reported the incident to the police as advised by the company but the police report became a mere formality.

12 days after the incident Jogiram met the same group of people again.

“While I was going to market, I was stopped by the same people in market.

“They stopped their motorcycle, picked up a stone and threatened to hit me.

“One person took out his phone and was calling somebody, and I ran away.

“I had a bicycle and they were on motorcycle, so they found me easily and stopped me.

“This time he had a wooden stick in their hand and tried to hit me with the stick on my head but I dodged and it hit my hand.

Then I picked up a stone from ground and was about to hit them but they ran away,” Jogiram recalled.

He again informed about the incident to the administration of the company he works at.

“Before doing security guard job, I used to work as machine operator and was not satisfied with the  job.

“So I asked my company to send me home and they agreed. They deducted RM2,250 from my salary as charges to send me home.

“But after a couple of days, they said that I couldn’t leave company and gave me job as a security guard.

Jogiram was happy with the new arrangements until a third incident took place.

“One morning, I was making food in my hostel, and saw the same person outside looking for me.

“He grabbed a stone and was about to hit me, so I picked up a chair from my room and hit him on his back.

“He went away and came back with wooden stick. I took another stick and hit him on his leg and head.

“He was bleeding and tried to get on his motorbike, but I grabbed his leg and pulled him to the ground.

“H then ran away leaving his motorbike behind,” said Jogiram.

It has been 14 days from that incident but nobody has come to claim the motorbike, which is still in the company’s premise,” he said.

Due to these incidences and a fear for his security, Jogiram Chaudhary self-sponsored a return flight to Nepal on March 14, 2013.