EngageMedia.org comes to town

Australian based NGO, Engagemedia, an organisation dealing with the problems of migrants, refugees and the stateless through the use of video as a method to empower activists and citizen journalists, has started its operations in Malaysia on March 28, 2013.
Engagemedia which also deals with regional environmental, social and labor issues, originated from Melbourne and later opened an office in Jakarta.
Engagemedia staff, Seelan Palay told us that initially, they will be concentrating on the plight of Indonesian migrant workers and later proceed to other nationalities.
He said that the videos are meant to be shared with activists and journalists if they are looking for resources of issues.
Currently, Engagemedia will be handled by two staffs, operating from shared premised with Pusat Komas, located in Section 8 of Petaling Jaya
During the official launch, a preview of their work that has been produced by videographers from the ASEAN region and the Asia Pacific was shown.
One of the documentaries shown include that from CJMY’s Tan Kai Swee.
Tan Kai Swee and few other Citizen Journalists attended the Camp Sambel organised by Engagemedia in Port Dickson last year.
Earlier that day, CJMY signed an MOU with EngageMedia on future collaborations in regards to training migrant workers and citizen journalists in Malaysia.
Video: Shufiyan Shukur