Sea coconut drink best seller at Ramadan bazaar

Photo by Kean Hong


Since Ramadan started earlier this month, fresh sea coconut drink from Norhabidi Md Isa’s stall at the Kilang Lama Ramadan Bazaar here has been a hit with visitors as a thirst quencher after a day of abstaining from food.

The rare drink, derived from a fruit on the Tal tree, or its scientific name Borassus fiabellifera, is difficult to find in the country which explains its slightly more expensive price.

“Sea coconut is difficult to find in the country, so I get my stock from suppliers who bring it from a neighbouring country each week,” he said.

Norhabidi, from Taman Melur, Serdang, Bandar Baharu, near here, who started selling the drink, among others, five years ago, said the beverage sold out faster despite its price of RM1.50 per cup, which was 50 sen more than other drinks.

He said suppliers from abroad would ensure he had enough fruit to make the drink, adding that processing the fruit was a tedious task and that he used between 15 and 40 fruits daily and boiled their flesh in honey to increase sweetness.

As supply of the fruit was not easily available, Norhabidi said he was content with having the sea coconut drink as a menu for the month of Ramadan only instead of selling it year-round.

– Bernama