Penang decked for elections

A few days after the Election Commission announced the nomination and polling dates,  quick as a lightning,  many political banners were seen sprouting up in Penang, particularly in the Georgetown area.

Among the small political parties is Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) which, surprisingly placed some banners along the busy Penang road.

The 1Malaysia NGO banner was seen to line the streets.

1Malaysia is an NGO aligned to the current ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN).

Indeed, their banners show the familiar dark blue, exactly same colour as the BN banner.

Parti Cinta Malaysia banners at busy Penang Road, in front of the Police HQ.
DAP banners, with PCM banners at Penang Road, near to Komtar area.
1Malaysia banners over-shadowing the DAP banners at the busy inter-section of Penang road or Chulia Street.
A close up view of the banners at the inter-junction of Penang Road/Chulia Street
1Malaysia banners flanking both sides of Burmah Road (end near Penang Road)
A close-up view of the 1Malaysia banners at Burmah Road.
1Malaysia and DAP banners in front of Gama Dept. Store, a popular area for banners and signs, as it faces 3 junctions.
1Malaysia and DAP banners along Jalan Gurdwara.