Firecrackers smuggled disguised in fruit baskets

Attempts to smuggle in firecrackers via the shores of Kurung Tengar were busted by local authorities early yesterday morning when the smuggled goods, worth approximately RM4000, were found hidden in the bushes, disguised in fruit baskets.

It is believed that the goods were brought in from the neigbouring country through the waters and stashed in the bushes.

The goods were probably going to be picked up by a local contact to be sold for the coming Hari Raya celebrations.

The confiscated goods were later brought to the Kuala Pelis Smuggling Prevention Unit after a stake out at the location saw nobody moving in the area to ‘claim’ the goods.

The 3:35 am bust was led by Superintendan Zakaria Abdul Rahman, he later thanked the public for the tip off.

Zakaria said that this was the forth bust in August.

Fireworks and firecrackers normally would increase in demand during the festive periods and the smuggling of such would also be in the rise, forcing local authorities to step up their efforts to curb such illegal activities.