Tee Boon Hock seeks to rise again via village poll

DAP expelled member Tee Boon Hock is resorting to the Pandamaran village poll as the last avenue to keep his political ambitions alive – he has officially tossed his hat into the ring as a candidate in the six-corner fight for village chief post today.

pandamaran village nomination 070811 tee boon hock“I hope the villagers will seek justice for me. If they reject me, it could be the end of my career,” announced the former Klang Municipal councillor who was clad in a striking yellow T-shirt with his portrait and the slogan ‘please vote for me’.

Tee (right) was dismissed as councillor, and subsequently as a DAP member last year, after being found guilty for having forged the letterhead of his former superior Ronnie Liu to procure Klang Municipal Council contracts for his son.

Till today he stands firm that he is innocent.

“They haven’t proved that I stole the letterhead, they only said I was involved in it,” he claimed.

Tee hoped the villagers would give him a chance to attend to their community problems, which include cleanliness and house conversion conflicts.

“Many villagers received summons last month for converting their houses without the council’s approval.

“If I am elected, I hope to get the relevant government agencies to discuss the issue. This is a new village, the state government should look into this problem,” he said.

Other candidates

The other candidates include incumbent Yap Hock Siew social activist Yap Kim Huat, DAP member Tee Kim Huat, Pandamaran market hygiene supervisor Tan Yu Tiam and PKR member and the only woman candidate Low See Mee.

Tee started the nominations today well as a 50-odd crowd, all clad in yellow, came to his support and cheered and clapped for him throughout the session held at Pandamaran JKKK hall.

pandamaran village nomination 070811 chew kim sweeIn contrast, 66-year-old former village head Chew Kim Swee (left) was a disgruntled man as he is could not stand because of the 60 year age limit set by the state government.

Upon learning the returning officer’s decision, Chew denounced it. “They want to sentence me to the ‘death penalty’, what can I do?

Democracy should be a process where the people make the decisions, it’s not for the few who set the rules,” he said.

“I can’t even be an election agent or observer if I am older than 60. So can I still be a voter? ” he jibed.

There are those who say the state government’s ruling to ban candidates older than 60 years is against the election rules of the country.

Indeed the Klang MCA Youth haved lodged a police report on the matter.

The nominations ended at 12pm and was followed by an hour-long objection period which saw three complaints lodged against Tee Boon Hock, and pertaining to his past record.

The other complaint was made against number three candidate Tee Kim Huat, who was alleged to have stayed in Pandamaran for less than two years.

Returning officer Bakhtiar Hussin however dismissed all the complaints at 1pm.

Polling date is set on next Sunday at Pandamaran Stadium and JKKK hall.