Malaysian AIDS Council disheartened over raid at HIV fundraiser


Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) expresses its disheartenment over the raid conducted by Selangor State Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) at the ‘1Malaysia Muhibbah Fundraising Dinner’ for an HIV/AIDS cause held at Damansara Utama Methodist Centre (DUMC) on the night of 3 August 2011.

In response to the incident, President of MAC, Mohd Zaman Khan is seeking cooperation from JAIS officials to provide a detailed explanation on the issue for immediate resolution.

Zaman said that the ‘1Malaysia Muhibbah Fundraising Dinner’ event was organised by DUMC for a good cause. It was intended to raise funds to support Harapan Komuniti, whose primary aim was to help Malaysians living with HIV, regardless of their ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Harapan Komuniti, a non-profit organisation and a partner organisation under the MAC umbrella, carries out philanthropic efforts on numerous community-based projects, including extending support to single mothers, children, and other communities who are affected by HIV/AIDS as well as implementing prevention programmes for HIV/AIDS.

Zaman stressed that the fundraising event was a meaningful occasion for Malaysians living with HIV, particularly for those who are underprivileged, as it provided them with the opportunity to receive immediate financial assistance and support for proper medication, treatment and care.

He also opined that in matters that could potentially compromise the integrity of Islam, the authorities should take precautionary steps and seek cooperation from the parties involved to avoid any inter-racial or religious conflicts.