Nube launch institute to advocate trade unionism

National Union of Banking Employees (Nube) made a huge leap forward in championing the trade unionism by setting up Nube Labour Research Institute.

The institute, which is first of its kind, will be launched President of the Malaysian Society for Labour & Social Security Law, Dr. Cyrus V Das, in commemoration of the Labour Day.

Nube, which was was established in 1958, will be spearheading this initiative.

The institute also will be launching its first Professional Studies in Trade Unionism, which will commence on 1 June 2013.

According to General Secretary of NUBE J Solomon, the theme of the NUBE Labour Research Institute is ‘advocating trade unionism’ to amplify the pressing need for workers to be unionized for better collectivity representation.

Solomon also added that the institute would focus on empowering workers through advocating trade unionism added Solomon.

Nube, which represents over 30,000 registered clerical and non-clerical employees of banking and financial institutions throughout Peninsular Malaysia throughout the country has been on the forefront of trade unionism in Malaysia.

The press release sent out by Nube also listed the objectives of the institute as follows;

  • Work towards compliance of minimum labour standards as embodied in International Labour Organisation Conventions.
  • Promote and/or carry out independent research on all aspects of labour.
  • Influence, propose and/or lobby for legislative change to current labour laws ensuring social security and welfare of workers are met.
  • Empower and create awareness amongst workers on current issues on economic challenges both nationally and internationally.
  • Empower and equip workers with knowledge and skills of trade unionism and its activities.

The launch is set take place at 10.00am at Nube headquarters, Jalan Tun Sambathan 3, Brickfields.

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