Parking in JB, working in Singapore

Johor Bahru City Hawker and Business Merchant Association has urged the Johor Bahru municipal council (MBJB) to consider discontinuing the current parking system particularly in the Johor Bahru Town.

The association President, Roland Lim Chin Eng, during the recent Zhong Yuan ( Hungry Ghost )Festival Celebration Night, urge MBJB to take immediate action as people who work in Singapore often occupy more than 50% of the town’s parking space, causing problems to locals.

“The JB town parking space should be wisely used for the benefit of the visitor, consumer or those really in need, it should not be abused by the majority of people who simply park while they work in Singapore for more than 12 hours, 7am to 7pm, which takes away business opportunities fr0m merchants in the JB town,” said Roland.

“If we compare it with modern countries like Australia, municipal councils only allow each vehicle to parked in one space for only a maximum of 2 hour, so that everyone would have the chance to park in the town to do their business,” he explained.

The association urged MBJB to find a way to solve the problem, but strongly expressed its view that the monthly parking pass system should be discontinued.

The Johor Bahru City Hawker And Business Merchant Association also urged MBJB to relocate the JB Bazaar.

“The JB Baazar is getting too big with too many hawkers, they are starting to block the entrance of businesses and start they start selling as early as 5pm.

“This affects the merchants as some of the JB town customers only appear after working hours,” he added.

The association warned that something must be done by MBJB, or else the town will become a dead town, or just turn into a full parking lot for employees of Singaporean companies.