Malaysians hold ‘Blackout’ protest in Bangkok

A dozen Malaysian residents in Bangkok gathered for a silent protest at a new tourist attraction, Asiatique The River Front at Chareonkrung road near Chao Phraya river demanding for clean and fair election and rejecting the results of the 13th general election in Malaysia.

Almost all of the protesters were dressed in black to symbolise the  ‘Death of democracy’, referencing to their alleged electoral fraud allegedly executed by the ruling party Barisan Nasional.

Participants also hold a placard with phrases “no racism only Malaysian” to oppose Najib Razak, Malaysian prime minister who said that the election result was a ‘Chinese tsunami’, claiming that the Chinese Malaysians supported the opposition rather than his coalition party.

Natasha Lee, a Malaysian resident in Bangkok, told CJMY that tonight’s gathering is to demand for free and fair election and to support of the current wave of rallies organised by the Pakatan Rakyat to protest against the alleged election fraud on 5th May.

‘Despite having citizens of different ethnic background or religion, we are all Malaysians’, said Natasha Lee.

After the 5th May general election, Malaysian residents in cities worldwide including Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Taipei and Singapore have been holding similar protests to support rallies held by opposition parties in Malaysia.