Trying to restore peat swamp forests

Around forty employees of premium food company Macfood Sdb Bhd recently took time off from their busy schedules to- plant tress.

Late last month, the employees, who came various departments in Macfood, participated in a community tree planting activity at the Raja Musa Forest Reserve in Selangor.

The reforestation project was part of efforts to restore the state of the Raja Musa peat swamp forest, which has been damaged by fire.

The Raja Musa Forest Reserve, along with the Sg Karang Forest Reserve, is one the largest remaining contiguous areas of peat swamp forest in Peninsular Malaysia.

The peat swamp forests have been earmarked by the state government as an important conservation site which carries high potential for education and research activities.

The corporate tree planting is under the Raja Musa Forest Reserve Rehabilitation Programme, a partnership between the Selangor State Forestry Department and the Global Environment Centre.

Corporate Consultants My Khatulistiwa Sdn Bhd helped organise the event.