Lesbian couple enters wedlock, first in Malaysia

If transgender Aleesha Farhana’s  (Mohd Ashraf Hafiz Abdul Aziz) failure to change her name and gender in her identification card before her passing was regarded as the most regretful event last weekend, the marriage between Apple and Thomas might be a case in sharp contrast.

The couple, both born as woman, entered their wedlock last Saturday to mark the first Malaysian lesbian couple to ever openly conduct a wedding ceremony.

The Batu Pahat couple had their nuptial day done in traditional Chinese manner, complete with auspicious date selection, family permissions, dowry, door games and wedding banquet,  the China Press reported yesterday.

The 29-year-old “bridegroom” and 27-year-old bride believed that love should be open and aboveboard, which drew the strength to their open wedding amidst social prejudice.

It was reported that during the tea ceremony on Saturday, parents of Apple and Thomas held the couple’s hand firm and reminded them many times to accompany each other through their lives.

Their two-year relationship was not smooth in the first place as their parents have objected to them being together. However, the couple eventually convinced their parents with their love.

On another note, a facebook page has also been setup to commemorate the couple’s spirit. The page has attracted more than 6000 fans in barely two days.