Cendol hawker in need of a license

Frantically preparing a packet of Malaysia’s favorite dessert, Cendol, under the hot sun, Timothy Mari seems to be a popular fixture in his area in Johor Bahru as local residents line up to get a taste of the delicacy he prepares.

But beneath his energetic way of working, Timothy also carries a glint of worry, as he is not a licensed cendol hawker.

“I went to the courses proper, and after that they told me I would get my licence. But after that, when I applied, they (local council) told me I won’t be provided with free licenses,” he told Komunitkini.

It is quickly apparent that Timothy is at a lost as to where and to whom he can raise the issue further.
“I hope some Datuk or YB can step forward and help me. Not only me, but I’m sure there are others in Malaysia who are suffering similarly. Help them too,” he said, hinting for a need for change in the system.

Timothy, who claimed that local council officers summon him often, hawks in front of the Telekom building in Johor Bahru.