Palanivel: Malaysia to assist Indonesia to counter haze problem

Natural Resources and Environment Minister G. Palanivel met with Johor state senior government officials at the District Officer’s office in Muar recently, over the haze issue.

Palanivel affirmed that within the next few months he will be setting up some effective plans as he and Department of Environment (DOE) director-general Halimah Hassan will be meeting their Indonesian counterpart Balthasar Kambuya on the June 26 to discuss resolutions on combating the haze.

If push comes to shove, Malaysia might consider offering assistance to perform cloud seeding in Indonesia to douse the flames, he added.

Palanivel has also called on the DOE to take serious measures towards the blatant disregard of some who practice ‘open burning’ and they must be brought to justice.

The public were asked to call 1800882727 to report any sightings of open burning.