Contractor ordered to reimburse couple with RM20,000

A couple from Taman Permata, Kluang, Sivalingam and his wife S. Letchumi, both 30,  filed a claim with the Tribunal for Consumer Claims in Johor Bahru, after a contractor they engaged for the renovations of their house failed twice to complete the task on time.

Technician Sivalingan said, the agreed total renovation cost was RM27,500 and the renovation job was to be completed within two months.

He added, not only did the contractor fail to complete the house renovation on time instead he demanded another RM2,000 as additional cost which they agreed to pay provided the renovations were completed satisfactorily.

The contractor then failed for a second time to complete the renovation job within the stipulated time, said a dissatisfied Sivalingam.

He continued by saying, “what’s more disappointing is that the renovation has only been completed half way although we paid the additional RM2,000 that the contractor asked for”.

“Under such circumstances, he added, I am forced to engage a new contractor to complete the job at an additional cost of RM20,000” Sivalingam explained.

He said, “I did not file for full refund as I understand that the contractor has to spend money to start and carry out the renovations on our house”.

The couple felt delighted when the Tribunal for Consumer Claims President, Mohd Nasrim Mohd Salleh ruled in their favour and ordered the contractor to pay RM20,000 to the claimants within fourteen days from the date of  the hearing.