Crack down on illegal online gambling dens

The north Johor Bahru district police has arrested some one hundred and six individuals who were suspected of being involved in illegal online gambling activities within the city since last January to date.

Police chief, Ruslan Hassan said, as a result of these arrests, we managed to confiscate 891 gambling machines.

Besides arresting the offenders and confiscating the gambling machines, we managed to disconnect the electricity supply to eight premises which housed the gambling machines with close co-operation from Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

Of the total arrests, a case file was sent to the police headquarter in Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur for further action under Act 377 of the Restricted Resident Act 1933 (rev. 1986)  this year as compared to three case files sent last year for similar action, said Ruslan after the launch of ” Police Meeting The Customers” program here, recently.

Adding, Ruslan said, as for last year, a total of 145 individuals were arrested for a similar offence and 1,468 illegal gaming computers were confiscated.

With the participation from TNB, Johor Bahru city council and the Central Johor Bahru municipal council, the police will be taking more drastic actions to eradicate these illegal online gambling activities, he said.

To avoid their illegal activities been detected, he said, the operators will run their illegal operations in residential housing areas.

He added, that the illegal gambling vice is hard to curb.  Even by disconnecting the electricity supply to prevent these operators to continue with their illegal operations, they will always look for new premises to resume their illegal gambling activities.