MMEA propose specific sea path for transporting sand

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), southern region wants a sea path corridor be set up specifically for ships and boats transporting sand that ply through the Johor waters.

MMEA enforcement chief, first admiral, Zulkifli Abu Bakar said, having a specific sea path corridor will go a long way in facilitating MMEA and other enforcement agencies to monitor and thwart sand smuggling activities from Johor to Singapore.

All ships and boats transporting sand will be directed to use the specific sea path to enable MMEA to effectively monitor the sea path that they are plying to prevent any attempts to divert to other destinations, Zulkifli said in a recent interview here.

The proposal to set up the sea path corridor for ships and boats transporting sand has already been forwarded to the Johor state government for approval during a meeting between Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) and the state government not long ago.

Zulkifli added, besides proposing the specific sea path corridor, the MMEA also proposed that every ships and boats transporting sand be asked to equip with Automatic Identification System (AIS) to allow MMEA to monitor the ships and boats location and its sailing path within the Johor water.

– Bernama