Man loses home again

Three houses that were burnt down in a fire last February have been completely renovated. However, only two houses have been occupied so far. Veloo Vellasamy and his family has been unable to occupy their new homes because the contractor is withholding keys to his house on the sole reason that he has not received any payment.

The repair was completed in May 2013 and the contractor has submitted his completion papers twice to the CIMB Insurance unit Melaka but still no payment has been made until today.  Veloo is currently suffering from Spinocerebellar Atax which causes both his hands and limbs to shake uncontrollably. Due to that he has been laid off by his employer and therefore has defaulted on his loan since he is currently forking out the money to pay for the present home’s rent.

In efforts to make sure that the contractor is paid, Veloo sent an appeal letter on the 22nd of July 2013 to CIMB to expedite the payment but has been pushed from Melaka CIMB and KL Collection Center back and forth with no results for the payment. After making inquiries he found out that Allianz General Insurance Company Malaysia Berhad had sent a cheque (No. 933803) dated 18 March 2013 for the amount of RM31 295.00 to CIMB CSA Insurance Unit Melaka branch on 19 March 2013. A second cheque (No 445777) dated 24 July 2013 for the amount of RM10, 705.00 was sent on 29 July 2013.

He then wrote to Bank Negara and explained his predicament. Bank Negara on the other hand, sent a letter to the Head of Customer Resolution Department CIMB on 29 July 2013 to give a reply within 2 weeks regarding the issue. To date, however, nothing has happened.

Out of frustration, Veloo went to see his ADUN Khoo Poay Tiong who brought Veloo to see the CIMB manager but was unable to meet the manager. YB Khoo later received a SMS that action has been taken.

As of now, Veloo is very worried that he may loose the house because he has defaulted on the housing loan. He also wants to know why the cheque was deposit in the name of the bank and not to his account. He is wondering what to do next or whom to go to and seek help so that the problem is solved.

Veloo in blue T-shirt with his family.
Veloo in blue T-shirt with his family.