DOTA 2 battle at myBurgerLab, Sea Park, PJ

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my BurgerLab, a contemporary burger joint in Sea Park, Petaling Jaya organized a DOTA 2 Mini-LAN party, for die hard Dota 2 gamers to come together to show of their skills, last Sunday.

The party started at Sunday midnight and wrapped up at 7 AM.

myBurgerLab partner and manager, Andrew Chong decided to organize the event following Malaysia’s very own Orange Team’s exploits in the recent World Dota 2 Championships.

“Our employees are hardcore Dota 2 gamers and a number of our customers are also huge fans of the game, thus it was a very easy decision to organize this event, plus it also helps us to engage more with our customers.” Andrew said.

“Our aim is to connect with the people which includes our employees and customers.This event also enables us to recognize what the customer wants and need.”

“The reason why we had the party in the wee hours of the morning was because our employees were extremely enthusiastic of take part in this party and since we prepare the food during the day and operate the restaurant in the evening, we were were left with no other choice.”

“Furthermore, we wanted to make it our own event and didn’t want to use another venue but our very own outlet.”

The sheer commitment of myBurgerlabs towards this event only speaks for itself as the restaurant acquired gaming machines and various other gaming paraphernalia to ensure the Dota Tournament was a success.

“We at myBurgerlabs, have this seemingly cheesy work ethic, where we work hard, but game harder. Which is something I am extremely proud of.”

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Andrew also lauded the Malaysian Sports Ministry’s interest in e-sports.

“I think its a good start, for the e-sports industry in Malaysia. We have very talented players, and and in Malaysia the biggest obstacle to e-sports would be our parents as they are more prone to dismiss this sort of a sport as a career choice.”

“Don’t get me wrong, education is important, but one is at his/her gaming prime from the age 15-25. Thus, the Sports Ministry’s support would shed some light on the unfavorable perceptions towards gaming that are held by many parents.”

The event was jam packed, with fellow Dota 2 enthusiasts, watching the game live on a projector screen. About 50 people attended the event and stayed on until seven in the morning.

The winner of the tournament was team #Supprrabobo. The participants then received myBurgerlab food vouchers as prizes.

myBurgerLab is also a Muslim friendly restaurant.

“Unfortunately we are not halal certified yet. We do not serve pork and all our ingredients are from Halal suppliers.

They also cater to their vegan customers by having Vege-patty burgers.

myBurgerlab intends to have many more similar gaming parties to engage with the gaming community as it perfectly aligns with the company’s philosophy of building a community brand.

*For more information on myBurgerlab, check out their facebook page and their website at is situated at No. 14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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