Jom Shopping campaign just another election ploy, says MCA

Selangor MCA state secretary, Wong Koon Mun alleged that the state government’s upcoming program “Jom Shopping’ is nothing but political propaganda and slammed Pakatan for encouraging shopping, instead of helping those in need.

He mentioned the Federal Government’s effort to help reduce senior citizen’s burden by giving them RM300 a month.

“The state government currently came up with the program under its policy Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor but they have failed to provide  any assistance to small grocery and sundry shops” Wong said in a statement yesterday.

Wong who is also a state assemblyman for Kuala Kubu Baru claimed that the program is just another election tool to gain votes.

“I’m aware that supermarkets are generally packed with shoppers, the trick of bringing senior citizens there is only a ploy to show people how good they (Pakatan) are in looking after the elderly,” said Wong.

Later in the statement, Wong asked Pakatan to look into matters such as the lack of state scholarships allocations for non-Malay students, as well as renewing the TOL of the Sungai Buloh land owned by flower nursery operators if they really care.