Graduate students from China barred from entering Malaysian campus

Some 70 graduate students from China currently studying in LimKokWing University were barred from entering the campus at Cyberjaya today.

According to the barred students, their hopes of graduating in the convocation this Saturday are now dashed, because the university management alleges they have not settled their fees.

Twelve of the 70 students met by Komunitikini were found standing at the main gate of the campus, which was heavily guarded by security personnel who were checking every student for their student cards.

Wendy Jho, 30, from Beijing, says she has settled all her fees in full with the university.

She also says she has been attending classes for the past two years without any problem and the university did not bring up the issue of fees until few days ago, via email, informing her that she would not be able to graduate.

“I’m really shocked I was not allowed to enter the campus this morning and since then I and my friends have been standing here for four hours without knowing what is happening in the on-going discussion (with the management) which will decide my future,” said Wendy.

Her sentiments were echoed by her friend, Tim Ye, 40, who like Jho, is pursuing a Master in Business Administration.

“I seriously don’t know what is going to happen to my studies,” said Ye.

He also said that the university should have informed them of any irregularities way before as they have been studying there for the past two years.

A spokesman for the institute, who only identified himself as Meor, said that a discussion between 12 students and the university management is currently on-going and a decision will be made soon.

However he refused to comment on the reason why the rest of the students were not allowed inside of the campus.

“Fee” issue is a recurring issue

An internal source within LimKokWing said that the students were unaware of issues related to their university fees. However, previously, students from China also had issues renewing their visa with the university because of the same fee problems.

The source also said, the students have asked to meet with the university management to discuss the issue but have been locked outside the campus gates with no explanation. The students are now questioning why they have been treated this way by the management.

The students were reported to be still sitting outside LimKokWing campus gates at 9pm.