Apollo Space Race female contestant “trolled” with sexists remark

roshini muniam 2

A female contestants dream to represent the country to go to the space  by winning a competition organised by a male grooming brand turned ugly with her being ‘trolled’ drawing sexist comments.

Roshini Muniam, a twenty seven year old postgraduate student in University of Malaya, is one of the top five finalists of Axe deodorant’s Apollo Space Race competition, in the running for the represent Malaysia in Florida and competes against other nations’ candidates for an opportunity to go to space.

A comment posted by Facebook user Syed Wazien on Roshini’s profile, featured in Axe’s Facebook page,  and expressed surprise over a woman’s desire to go to space.

“What – a woman?! No way, hose!!!” he commented.

roshini muniam

Other users such Dimitriy Mirovsky, was more insulting, saying that women should be prohibited from the competition as they menstruate.

“pompuan REJEK…… lelaki sahaje….. kang tampon ang pecah kat langit tu abis rosak space craft tu….. kah kah kah……” (Women should be rejected… it is only for males… if your tampon burst while you are in space, the entire spacecraft will be spoilt… kah kah kah…)

To save the day, another user Haslina Hussin came to Roshini’s defence.

“Those few chauvinist pigs who made those sexist comments were obviously borned without a brain and it clearly shows their stone-aged mentality. Coz if they had any, they would have read and understand the T&C that the contest was open to both boys and girls! It would be a great achievement for Malaysia to have our first female astronauts after our own Sheikh Muzaffar. Way to go Roshini!”

roshini muniam 3

Meanwhile, Roshini posted on her profile that she is determined to win this competition and nothing will stop her.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. I am all out to win this competition because I want to inspire ordinary people to have extraordinary dreams & goals.”

The competition closes next Tuesday and the winner will be announced on September 24.


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