Sungai Balang residents seek greater land parity

A group land explorers from Muar recently managed to submit a memorandum to Johor Chief Minister Haji Abdul Ghani Othman demanding that a recent land distribution agreement be chalked off as it was deemed unfair to the those who have toiled on the land.

The memorandum demanded that the agreement be scrapped off or the residents should receive greater land parity than what they have been given according to the initial agreement.

“We demand that we are given three acres each and not one acre,” said their representative Mohd Fakarudin.

The residents are unhappy that parties who had never toiled on the land, which was made fertile by the explorers since 1976, are reaping the benefits of the land.

They have also lodged complaints of alleged corruption and bribery concerning the land distribution deal. The land, believed to be nearly 600 hectares in size, is now set to be used as a oil palm plantation.

“We also want our payment to be at least at RM1,500 for each tree,” Fakarudin added.

According to Fakarudin, the Chief Minister had promised to look into the matter and investigations into the alleged corruption is also expected to be underway from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).