Tribunal ordered RM 2,813.90 refund to aggrieved consumer




A beauty saloon was ordered to refund RM2,813.90 to her customer, Wong Yoke Har, here yesterday, by the Consumer Complaints Tribunal.

Wong, an electronics company worker, filed a complaint  against the beauty saloon alleging that the beauty saloon failed to comply with the facial treatment package terms as offered and also the poor services rendered.

” I signed up for a total two facial treatment packages after I felt comfortable with the first package treatment and I signed up for the second package in December 2, 2010,” she said.

“Since paying my second package, I begin to feel the deterioration of services provided by the saloon and I found out that the saloon is having manpower problem which resulted in my facial treatment appointments canceled without being informed “, she elaborated.

After hearing the both the complainant’s and the defendant’s explanation, Tribunal court  president, Siti Naaishah Hambali then ruled in favour of Wong, the complainant and ordered the defendant, the beauty saloon to refund RM2,729 being the full cost of the second package, RM115 for the cost of the balance one treatment from the first package and RM68 for the cost of herbal lotion.

She also ordered the defendant to make the refund within fourteen days from date of judgement.

When asked by reporters outside the court, Wong said, she is relieved and happy on the outcome of the case and added that, she will not sign up for another facial treatment package with any beauty saloon for awhile until she is convinced that she will not be encountering  the same bad experience again.

For aggrieved consumers in Johor Bahru who wish to file a claim through the Tribunal, the office is located at:

Ketua Seksyen, Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia, Aras 17B, Menara Ansar, Jalan Trus, 80000 Johor Bahru,
Tel:  07-227 1755 / 227 1766    Fax: 07-227 1799