Getting personal with fitness

A brand-new fitness studio located in MidValley is aiming to deliver more ‘services’ to its clients, promising a more result-oriented personal training program without paying much heed to numbers.

The studio, aptly christened as the One-on-One Fitness Studio, lies in the more salient surroundings of Northpoint, a walking distance away from the hustle and bustle inside Malaysia’s second largest shopping mall, and doesn’t offer any membership programs.

This, according to director V Kulasingam, was done so that the studio, which is equipped with 9 certified trainers, could always offer the best services to their clients.

“Usually when people enroll themselves for personal training programs in fitness centres, they are given many promises, but when the time comes for their sessions, they need to queue for the machines and would not get the full attention of their trainers,” he said.

At every given time, a trainer was seen accompanying and focusing on only one client, and the machines at the studio was always ready for the client’s use.

“The idea is to make it more exclusive, to give the right environment. We didn’t want to have membership so that we don’t have a crowded gym.”

Despite being only two months old, the studio already boasts some 75 clients and expecting boost their services even further by adding a nutritionist to their ranks after they cross the 100-mark.

In that respect, Kula stresses food plays a major role in achieving desired fitness results.

“What we eat is also important. This is a result-oriented place, and we sit with clients and get to know their aims and what they want to achieve with the programs we have here. They need to do their due part outside this studio as well.”

The muscular Kula, who is also a trainer at the studio, has been in the fitness industry for over a decade and claims that it was his passion that drove him to the industry, and also to start his own studio.

“I started doing it ever since I was 18 years old, I was very much into sports.”

“By opening this studio, I get to do things my own way, plus in fitness centres it’s all about sales. They look at the numbers but hardly maximize service for the clients,” he further added.

The industry is like a ‘baby’

“It is like baby,” Kula curtly summed up when asked about the fitness industry in Malaysia.

And he attributes part of that to the level of awareness regarding fitness in Malaysia.

“The lifestyle that our youths live means that they do not have the awareness about fitness, and they don’t consider it important.”

Though he says that he would love to see more youths take up programs at the studio, he also concedes that the spending power might prove to be a stumbling block.

“They don’t consider exercise to be important so they think twice to spend any money on it, and they don’t have that much of spending power.”

But with a price range starting from RM85** per session, Kula believes that the prices offered at his studio are among the cheapest in the industry.

The studio, which equipped with locker and shower facilities, is open on all seven days of the week.

For more information, call 03-2287 3088/3099.