Blackberry phones under government scrutiny

The Ministry of Information Communication and Culture (MICC) is constantly monitoring Blackberry mobile phones to ensure security of user information, particularly that related to government.

Deputy MinisterJoseph Salang Gandum said MICC also held discussions with service provider Research in Motion (RIM) so that information security level meets high standards.

“The high security level of information transfer and storage of Blackberry users does not allow it to be easily accessible to any parties,” he told Dewan Negara today.

He was answering a question from Senator Ahmad Hussin who wanted to know whether the government was aware of the suspect security of the mobile phone users including leaders and senior government officials.

“Conversation data, short messaging system, email and messenger is recorded in servers in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Singapore.

“The mobile phone has been banned for government officials in France, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.”

Salang advised government officials to limit usage of the phone to ‘insensitive’ communication that does not involve government secrets.

This was necessary because all communication systems have their weaknesses and could not guarantee full confidentiality.

“We are aware that information conveyed via the Blackberry system recorded in servers overseas has undergone encryption,” he said.

– Bernama